Programme at a Glance

23-25 October 2023
Suwon Convention Center


A preliminary program for APUF-8 is presented below. The final program will be shaped in consultation with partners at the discretion of the Steering Committee of the Penang Partnership for Sustainable Urbanization (PPSU) and taking into account the emergent findings from the 2023 Flagship Cities Report, the High Level Declaration drafting process and the outcomes of submissions for events to be held in the parallel session time slots.

22 October 2023
23 October 2023
Monday (Day 1)
24 October 2023
Tuesday (Day 2)
25 October 2023
Wednesday (Day 3)
26 October 2023
08:00 Registration

Associated Event: Stakeholder Assemblies on
- Business
- Grassroots
- Local Government
- Women
- Youth

Exhibition set up
Registration Associated Event: Asia-Pacific Housing Forum

Site visits

Exhibition tear down
09:00-10:30 Opening Session and Launch of Flagship Report
Followed by press conference at ESCAP Booth
Plenary High-Level Panel 2
(City Climate Action)
Plenary High-Level Panel 4
(Urban Finance)
10:30-11:00 Exhibition Opening Networking Break Networking Break
11:00-12:30 Plenary High-Level Panel 1
(Urban and Territorial Planning)
Parallel Sessions 2
(City Climate Action)
Parallel Sessions 4
(Urban Finance)
12:30-13:30 ESCAP-MoLIT VIP Lunch
(by invitation)
Lunch / Exhibition Events
Lunch / Exhibition Events Lunch / Exhibition Events
13:30-15:00 Parallel Sessions 1
(Urban and Territorial Planning)
Plenary High-Level Panel 3
(Inclusive Urban Digitalization)
SDG City Awards, Voluntary Commitments, Declaration and Closing Session
15:00-15:30 Networking Break Networking Break
15:30-17:00 High-level Session
(open to ministers and senior officials)
Parallel Sessions 1 con. Parallel Sessions 3
(Inclusive Urban Digitalization)
Exhibition Events
17:00-18:00 Exhibition Events Exhibition Events
18:00 Suwon City Gala Dinner
(by Invitation)
Social events Social events

Draft APUF-8 Program (subject to change)

As shown in the draft schedule, events will be grouped to run in sequence following the four thematic chapters of the Crisis Resilient Urban Futures for Asia and the Pacific report. On Day 1, the initial plenary and parallel Sessions will be organized around the first theme: Urban and Territorial Planning, after the Opening Session (which includes the report launch) and an exhibition opening during the coffee break. This will be followed by a high-level ministerial plenary session, which will finalize the text of the High Level Communique on Sustainable Urban Development for Asia and the Pacific. Day 1 will close with an invitational Gala Dinner hosted by Suwon City, including high-level representatives, key organizers and representatives from the host city.

Day 2 of the Forum will address Themes 2 and 3: Urban Climate Action; and Inclusive Urban Digitalization and Innovation, in the morning and afternoon Sessions, respectively. As with Day 1, various ‘launch’ events (such as for reports and new programmatic initiatives) will also be able to be held as part of the formal program during the lunch break, both within shared and break-out spaces. Throughout day 2 and 3, Expert Group Meeting on Integration of Urban Public Transport Systems and Application of Digital Technologies will be hosted by ESCAP Transport Division. For more information, visit

Day 3 will conclude the forum, beginning by addressing the final theme of Urban Finance in the morning, before moving to a review of commitments made by participants and finalization of the high level declaration and convening of the SDG City Awards Ceremony with CityNet. The high-level closing session will also look forward toward and beyond WUF-12, setting out a path for ongoing engagement toward APUF-9.