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23-25 October 2023
Suwon Convention Center

Make a commitment

What's a Voluntary Commitment?

APUF-8 Voluntary Commitments are strategic level goals that will result from the implementation of new initiatives from a variety of institutions from within and outside the Asia-Pacific region. These strategic goals should be SMART:

  • Specific: well defined goals with unambiguous targets;
  • Measurable: they should include at least one quantifiable result and specific criteria that measure progress towards the accomplishment of the goal;
  • Achievable: the results can be accomplished with a high degree of confidence;
  • Realistic: ensuring that there is specific capacity and resources to achieve the goal;
  • Time-bound: have a clear time horizon and include a couple of milestones.

The online voluntary commitment platform will be open until 9 October 2023. Click here to submit your commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I showcase my current work?
Existing commitments from partners can be featured only if there is a significant scale-up or substantive increase in the investment from the original commitment.
2. Who can register an APUF-8 Voluntary Commitment?
APUF-8 Voluntary Commitments can come from any institutional public, private or community actor, or partnerships of actors, committed to the achievement of SDGs and New Urban Agenda in the Asia Pacific region.
3. How many APUF-8 Voluntary Commitments can I register?
Interested institutions or partnerships can register only one Voluntary Commitment at APUF-8.
4. Can I register a Voluntary Commitment before or after APUF-8?
Interested institutions or partnerships should register before APUF-8.
5. Will my Voluntary Commitment be showcased during APUF-8?
Voluntary Commitments received prior to APUF-8 may be showcased at the Forum, including at the thematic sessions where appropriate. Institutions registering Voluntary Commitments are also encouraged to publicize and launch the commitments in the APUF-8 “City Solutions” exhibition space.
6. What should I expect after APUF-8?
If you submit your Voluntary Commitment by 1 September 2023, your Voluntary Commitment may be showcased during the Forum by the organisers, following a selection process.

The follow-up progress of APUF-8 Voluntary Commitments will build on collective accountability and self-reporting exercises at the 12th World Urban Forum, the annual Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development hosted by ESCAP every year in March, as well as other regional, national and locals to be determined.

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