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23-25 October 2023
Suwon Convention Center

Time Zone

Korea is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +9) and does not observe daylight savings time. Current Time in Korea:


The weather in Republic of Korea during May is mild and pleasant, with spring in full swing. The average temperature in Republic of Korea ranges from around 11°C to 22°C (52°F to 72°F).
For detailed information, please visit the official website of Korea Metrological Administration.

Mobile Phone (Roaming)

Mobile phone roaming/rental, SIM card purchase, Wi-Fi router rental are available at Incheon International Airport.
Please check out the links below for more details.

Currency & Foreign Exchange

Currency in Korea is South Korean Won (KRW) and there are four bill nominations of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000. As of February 2023, 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 1,284 South Korean Won. Foreign currencies are conveniently exchangeable at airports, major hotels, bank branches and foreign exchange booths.
For the latest exchange rate, please visit Currency Converter.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards like VISA, Master Card, American Express and Diners Club are widely accepted, but some small shops, restaurants and traditional markets only accept cash. For cash withdrawal or exchange, banks and ATMs are easy to find throughout Korea.

Tipping & Taxes

Tipping is not a Korean custom. A 10% service charge is added to your bill at all tourist hotels and tips are not expected. It is not necessary to tip a taxi driver unless he assists you with luggage or provides extra service.
Tax refund is available for a minimum purchase of KRS 30,000.
Tax refunds for non-residents and foreigners:


Standard electricity supply is 220 volts AC at 60Hz (with 2 round holes).

Internet Access

As a leading nation in information technology, Korea provides one of the best internet connections worldwide. Take privilege of the world’s fastest internet speed through Wi-Fi for your convenience during your time in Korea.
  • At Coex: Choose "COEX Free Wi-Fi Zone" on your mobile device.
  • At Starfield Coex Mall: Choose "Public Wi-Fi Free" on your mobile device.


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